1. Ticket Purchase

    • 1.1 Can I purchase tickets on-line via internet?
      Yes, you can do it by logging on to AMASZONAS S.A. web page link ON LINE SALES.

      We accept VISA or MASTER CARD credit cards. If you used a virtual credit card to purchase a ticket, once at the airport you have to show your bank's written authorization and an identification document. Additionally, if the credit card were a corporative one, you need to also show your company's empowerment for such transaction.

    • 1.2 Is it secure to purchase from your web page?
      Yes, it is. Our reservation system, its protective regulations, world-wide recognized SSL security certificates.

    • 1.3 Do I benefit from purchasing on line?
      Yes, you do. You enjoy promotions and raffles only applicable for those on-line sales via

    • 1.4 Can I only make an on-line reservation?
      No, you cannot. Our web page system is designed to reserve and confirm a space only if a purchase has been made.

    • 1.5 How can I in order to fly to more than one destination?
      You may do so by purchasing a multi destination ticket. To do so, you may purchase a ticket on by-the-leg or separate-leg basis.

    • 1.6. How can I make sure my purchase has been successful?
      Once the on-line purchase has been completed, a confirmation of purchase and reservation will appear on your screen.
      Once your credit card has been validated, (24 hours maximum) you will receive a Reservation Code, amount paid and itinerary via electronic mail. We request you print out this information and have in hand at the time you show up at the airport.
      In case there is a problem purchasing using a credit card, you should advise so to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order for us to help you purchasing your ticket.

    • 1.7. What if I do not have an e-mail address?
      You must have a valid e-mail address to purchase and receive information about such transaction via internet.

    • 1.8. May I purchase tickets whose departure is not in the place I purchase them?
      The purchase of tickets can be done globally; however, one must note that taxes are collected in the country where the flight departs. In this case, Bolivian taxes apply because Amaszonas S.A. flies in the Bolivian territory.

      The tariffs in our web site - on-line sales, DO NOT include airport taxes.

    • 1.9. May I purchase my ticket for you web site in advance? If so, how soon can I do it?
      You can get your ticket from our web site - on-line sales, at least 1 (one) day and as many as 330 (three hundred and thirty) days before your intended flight.

    • 1.10. How can I purchase a ticket for myself on an enterprise name?
      In this case, the only way to do it is directly from an AMASZONAS S.A. closest ticket agency. .

    • 1.11. How many passengers can I book in a single purchase?
      There is a maximum number of 9 (nine) passengers for a single purchase. If you need more spaces, you will have to start a new transaction, give us a call or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”.

  • 1.12. How can I find out about changes in itinerary for my reservations?
    It is necessary that you check your e-mail before your trip in order to make sure the itinerary has not been changed. If your flight starts in a place where there are AMASZONAS .S.A. offices or ticket agents, the change, if there one, would be notified via telephone. If you are out of the city where the flight departs, the change will be notified via e-mail.

2. Tariff Regulations, Changes and Cancellations

    • 2.1. How can I find out about regulations to a tariff?
      Before you finish a transaction, the system will request you read applicable Tariff Conditions to the route you have booked. We suggest you read them carefully and thoughtfully in order to be informed and avoid any possible confusion.

    • 2.2. I got a ticket via internet, paid with my credit card and decided not to use it. How can I get a refund?
      If the tariff allows for a refund, such refund will be subject to charges and penalties corresponding to the ticket tariff and to the day's current exchange rate. In this case a 25% correspond to taxes, credit card commission and overhead expenses.
      The refund can be physical or crediting your credit card in which case the refund has to be through a refund claim to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      The minimum time allowance for refunds is 30 working days.

    • 2.3. The ticket I purchased from internet does not allow for a refund. What can I do to get a refund?
      If your ticket's the tariff regulations do not allow for a refund, you have to use it within the ticket validity; otherwise, you will lose the money you paid for.

    • 2.4. I need to make a change in the ticket. What can I do?
      In order to make changes, you have to contact us because on-line changes are not permitted. The changes are subject to regulations and service requested.

  • 2.5. Can I use an unused ticket as a credit to purchase on-line?
    No, you cannot. In this case you have to go to an AMASZONAS .S.A. ticket agency.

3. Electronic Ticket (e-ticket)

    • 3.1. What kind of ticket do I get?
      AMASZONAS S.A. web site only issues electronic tickets (e-ticket).

    • 3.2. What is an electronic ticket and what are its advantages?
      An electronic Ticket (e-ticket) is the same as a physical ticket. The advantage of being virtual, however, is that it does not get lost and you do not lose it. The electronic Ticket (e-ticket) has a Confirmed Reserve Code which is stored in our system and guarantees its effectiveness once the passenger shows an identification document.

    • 3.3. What documents do I need to show at the airport?
      You will have to show your Bolivian ID card or a valid passport, depending on the city where the flight departs. Additionally and obligatorily, you have to also show the credit card you used to purchase the ticket for positive identification.

  • 3.4. What proof of purchase do I receive from AMASZONAS S.A.?
    At ending the purchase transaction, the system sends you out an e-mail confirming your itinerary, tariff and reservation number.

    According to the Bolivian tax regulations, the issued Fiscal Notes can be picked up at AMASZONAS S.A. the day the transaction was effective. This Fiscal Note will be dated on the day of purchase. In order to enjoy and use the Fiscal Credit the purchase yields, it is the passenger's responsibility to pick up such Note within the time limit set forth by Law. For Bolivian citizens or Bolivian residents, a juridical person must collect the Fiscal Note within one month of the transaction, while natural persons can do it up to 120 days from the day of the transaction. AMASZONAS S.A. is not liable for Fiscal Credit loss.

  • 3.5. Can I purchase an electronic ticket (e-ticket) on behalf of another person?
    Yes, you can. As long as you also get a ticket for yourself to travel together in at least the first leg of the trip. This is to refrain another person from using your credit card without your consent.

4. Special Offers. Last Minute Offers.

  • 4.1 Do you have special offers in your web site?
    Yes, we do. You will find special offers, as well as last minute offers depending upon our promotions. To find out, click the banners!

5. At the Airport .

    • 5.1. How early do I have to show up before a flight?
      You have to show you at AMASZONAS S.A. counters at the airport 1 hour before the flight for national flights departure time.
      You have to show you at AMASZONAS S.A. counters at the airport 2 hours 30 minuts, before the flight for international flights departure time.
      After such time, the passenger can lose the right of reservation and his/her space may be used by the airline for passenger on waiting list.

    • 5.2. What happens if I arrive late or lose my flight? If you show up late at the airline's counter, you might lose your flight. If such thing happens, you will fly in the next available flight after having paid a change of flight and no show charge.
    • 6.Special discounts

        • 6.1. Do you have special discounts for infants and children?
        • Yes, except for special rates. The infants from 0 to 2 years (1 year, 11 months and 29 days) will have a discount of 90%, and children from 2 to 12 years (11 years, 11 months and 29 days) will have a discount of 50% (33% in case of international passengers).