Orientation to the passenger - flights to cusco - Perú

Videos for tourist orientation - Welcome to Perú


During the flight to Cuzco you should request an Andean Migration Card, known as TAM, and a Customs Declaration. Remember:

  •         Visitors can stay up to 183 days in Peru.
  •         If you are carrying more than US$ 10.000 in cash when entering or leaving Peru, please go to the customs office to request and fill out a cash declaration form.
  •         Carrying amounts over US$ 30.000 is forbidden when entering or leaving Peru.

There are restrictions to enter the following items:

  •         Seeds
  •         Fruits
  •         Vegetables
  •         Flowers
  •         Animals and by-products
  •         Weapons
  •         Commercial merchandise
  •         Medicine for third parties or for comercial purposes
  •         Items that form part of the country’s historical and cultural heritage
  •         Used spare parts for automobiles


Videos for tourist orientation - Departure of Perú


It is advised to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the flight and check in at the airline counter 2 hours before the flight.

The following ítems cannot be carried in onboard luggage:

  •         Sharp objects
  •         Bottles or containers of liquids (wáter, soft drinks or liquor) of any size
  •         More than 100 ml of perfume, gel or cream


  •         Up to 100 ml of perfume, gel or cream. Place in a 20 x 20 cm transparent ziplock bag. Passenger may take one bag each.
  •         Passengers may take medicine and baby food needd during the flight.