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Bombardier CRJ 200, comfort, convenience and flexibility


The Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) is manufactured by Bombardier Transportation, a Montreal-based Canadian company specialized in aeronautics technology.

This aircraft has a widebody, with 13 rows of four seats through a silent and comfortable cabin. Is an aircraft with engines and aerodynamic surfaces that allow optimum fuel consumption and the Bombardier CRJ200 generates 50% less noise than the Boeing 737.

This type of aircraft operates in more than 60 airlines worldwide and more than 30 operators have opted for some variants of the aircraft. The CRJ Series family has become the parameter of efficiency for regional aircraft in the segment of 50 to 100 seats and is the optimal solution for routes of medium range and point to point.

Customers prefer the comfort and reliability of regional jets, by their short flight times, easy and fast departures and reduced waiting times.

More convenience for customers

  • Leather seats provide a high level of comfort for passengers. Set up two by two, every seat is a window or in the aisle.
  • Separation between the CRJ-200 seats is 31 inches, providing ample space for the legs of the passenger.
  • The cabin of the CRJ-200 is more than eight meters, and offers a spacious interior, with more than six feet tall. With ample space to store the belongings, the CRJ-200 offers space free of obstacles under the seats and compartments on the top of the head on both sides of the aircraft.
  • The CRJ-200's features 100 percent fresh air without air that re-circulate back into the cabin.

Greater convenience

  • Our aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 464 knots  (860 km / h) and can fly at altitudes of more than 30,000 feet, providing a smoother experience on the flight for passengers.
  • The CRJ-200 is capable of flying long distances non-stop. This plane has a range of 2.005 nautical miles (3,713 km).
  • The CRJ-200 is one of the quietest jet aircraft.

More flexibility

  • Performance in the long term of the CRJ-200 allows Amaszonas reach new destinations on the region.

Operational characteristics

Wing span 21,2 meters Engine 2 General Electric CF34-3B1 (Jet)
Longitud 26,8 meters Load capacity 8,9 cubic meters
Tail heigh 6,3 meters Service ceiling 41,000 pies
Width/Space between seats 44,5 centimeters /78,7 centímetros Crew 1 pilot (PIC), 1 copilot (SIC), 1 Cabin crew (TC)
Seats number 50 seats Flight range 6 hours
Cruise speed 860 km/h (0,8 Mach) Maximum weight at take-off 23.995 kg
Range 3.713 km Fuel capacity 6,489 kg

Aircraft dimensions


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